About Us

Qizar is a global one-stop Solutions for all Audio and Video products. We are known for Quick, Intelligent, Zealful, Artistic, Results.

We help broadcasters and television service providers to Qizar for their most vexing problems. Our teams help many of the world’s most influential companies develop new workflows and outsourcing solutions. We are experts at new facility programming and planning. Our client’s comeback, time and again to “experience the difference” of our exclusive approach.

Industry Experience

To stay competitive in today’s business world, organizations must find cost-effective solutions that enable them to improve productivity, achieve growth, and gain the competitive edge. Such solutions require the adoption of increasingly dynamic, new technologies and innovative approaches to business.
Our team comprises unique blend of experience and qualified professionals dedicated to customer satisfaction with relentless drive to support 24x7x365.


We are a company with visionary leadership ready to invest in new ideas. We have created innovative management systems that track impacts and focus on performance. And we have a culture of learning that enables us to be flexible and adjust to new challenges. We are also a company with strong corporate values, which are key to our corporate growth and success.

At Qizar, we constantly look at improving our products and services and adding value to our client’s business.


The company is located in New Delhi the Capital City of India and having branch office in Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai.

Products and Solutions

We are leading distributors of Audio & Video Products in Broadcast Industry and Consumer market.


  • Digital Forecast (Bridge) Converters  : http://www.dfcast.co.kr
  • Quicklink- Broadcast-quality, multi channel video calling with professional production control   : https://quicklink.tv/products/quicklinktx/
  • Blackmagic, Professional Switchers and converter : www.blackmagicdesign.com
  • Data Video,Taiwan , Professional Switchers: www.datavideo.com</a
  • Que Playout, Ingest, Streaming, software: www.qsolutionsnet.com
  • Telikou, China, Teleprompter and Talkback:http://www.telikou.com/
  • OSEE International Beijing, Preview Monitors, Multiviewers, Modulators www.oseeinternational.com
  • Opvision (Beijing): Transmitting of Audio & Video on Fibre. www.opvisioncom.com
  • Sennheiser, professional microphones. www.sennheiser.com
  • Soundcraft (Harman) Audio Mixer www.soundcraft.com
  • Shure www.shure.com
  • Tascam (Audio recorder ) www.tascam.com
  • AVIWEST bagpack ans mobile Live solutions www.aviwest.com
  • RODE Microphones and wireless device www.rode.com
  • Valense VRT-600 solutions for Educations www.valense.com
  • IP based Multi platform Encoder and Decoder www.aurastar.cn
  • Belden Cable and Neoteric Connector
  • TelePrompTer with MOS without MOS www.qsolutionsnet.com
  • Lapel Microphone and EP www.qsolutionsnet.com